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Supernova Strike Squad

A purely Co-Op PVE space shooter, played in pairs: 1 gunner and 1 pilot. Players progress through several stages as mercenaries in pursuit of a large capital ship named 'The Dreadnova'. With the aid of Mission Control and N.E.T.R.O. (their ship's Ai.) they must seek to destroy the ship and it's armada of fighters, before it can complete its objective of destruction. However, they won't go down without a fight!

Developer: Dapper Shrimp Games (Team of 8)

Engine: Unity 2019.2.2f1

Role: Lead Artist, 3D Model and Texture Artist

  • Oversaw / led all stages of game's art production with a team of 3 other artists

  • Worked directly with programmers, graphic artists and voice actors

  • Modeled, textured and animated most of the 3D assets seen in-game

  • Developed and implemented various sounds and 2D, animated Ui elements

  • Took part in all of the game's fundamental design process

Production time period: January 2020 - April 2020

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