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A lighting-based, 2.5D puzzle platformer, played with 2 characters; a robot and a fox. The Fox, which is the final stage in a species of shadow sprites who thrive in darkness, is a divergence of its kind; having a compassion for the down-trodden robot. He then helps him on his journey (whilst keeping him in the light) to find his home and family, through the old, night-cloaked European streets. Through light and dark, their unusual kinship will become more of a dynamic duo than they can fathom...

Developer: Night Light Studios (Team of 6)

Engine: Unity 2018.2.2f1

Role: 3D Prop Artist, Environment Artist

  • Modeled and textured 3D props/fixtures, ready to implement into Unity.

  • Developed and animated robot character

  • Designed environment settings for each stage and types of light-based puzzles

  • Tested levels post-whiteboxing

Production time period: February 2019 - April 2019


More Screenshots to be Added (Entry Archive is WIP)

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