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This is a representation of my best work, from 2017 to present day. All work was modeled in 3D Studio Max, with texturing done Substance Painter & Adobe Photoshop. Some pieces have been implemented into Unity with full functionality, though behavioural programming is not my own. 


My art is typically stylized, but I am also capable of semi-realism. I enjoy modelling in styles that compliment those used by studios which pique my interest; so be on the lookout for references you recognize! 

Slight Disclaimer: This will be brought up-to-date for 2021-2023, I am currently transitioning from 3D Studio Max to Blender; this does not represent any of my current programming or industry art work due to NDA

Demo Reel Music Credit: Benji-G on Newgrounds

shipcap_edited_edited_edited (1).jpg


Strike Squad


My Progression from 2017 to Present-Day


Environment Props and Examples of my Other Game Asset Work

Work-in-progress models can be found on my Sketchfab Page 

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