I have an Advanced Diploma in Game Development after 3 years of educational experience from Niagara College of Canada in Welland, Ontario. I have worked on almost all phases of production in game art, from design, documentation (creating GDDs), asset modelling, animation, UV'ing and texturing, as well as their implementation into Unity Engine (with HDRP). I have also overseen and managed a team of 3 other artists as a lead in a 3rd-year college production over the span of 8 months.

I am familiar with the game development process in co-operation with other departments, mainly programming, with the addition of voice acting and graphic design.

Other Experience

I have attended Global Game Jam in the past year. Here, I've worked a project from start to finish with teammates who are already established in Indie Development, such as few from 6 Pillars Studio. The project adhered to a development workflow pipeline, allowing us to assemble a moderately-complex game in the span of 48 hours.